The Kargo is Niviuk’s new large capacity rucksack ideal for packing your glider ( solo or tandem ), harnesses and accessories. Due to its well-thought-out ergonomic design, it uniformly distributes the carried load to promote comfort.

Designed by pilots for pilots
As a result for our tenacious search to develop more efficient products, the new Kargo rucksack was born. Its name, an Inuit word, refers to mains qualities: large capacity, functionality, ergonomics and style.

For a year, the Kargo has been and integrated part of the Abac Team's gear to travel with all throughout the world. Each new prototype was essentially designed according to the team's pilots needs, and hence a new improved, built to last, comfortable manufactured piece of gear to meet with your highest expectancies.

The Kargo has enough space to carry all flight gear and will endure long trips. Its ergonomics contour makes it comfortable and functional. It is the answer to the every pilot’s needs. A unique Niviuk creation.

More capacity
The Kargo was designed to pack all sorts of gliders ( solo or tandem ), harnesses and accessories. It can easily transport your entire flying gear in comfort mainly due to its one piece oblong shape.

Available in three sizes: 140 L, 175 L and 220 L. It is possible to choose between those three models and the Koli Bag when placing an order.

Functionality and ergonomics
With its ergonomic design, the Rucksack is a perfect fit to anyone wanting great load distribution and ease of movement while hiking.

Smart, modern with a corporate look:
- Colour scheme: black and green
- Niviuk logos on the front, side and shoulder-straps.
- Embroidery Niviuk logo on all black straps.
- Green stitching used for the zippers, sides and belt, to add the unique Niviuk touch to the product.
- One vertical zipper from top to bottom of the rucksack for full storage access. Comes with an adjustable safety system.
- The EasyAccess system located at the top rear section of the bag is equipped with a semi-rounded zipper for easy access to the main compartment, making it a synch to reach into the rucksack without having to open the main vertical zipper.
- Reinforced flap for a better protection.
- Two side safety zipping pockets.
- Two straps on each side for a quick and easy bag compression.

- A large window to enable glider/pilot identification.
- Large and comfortable carrying handle.
- Anatomic, adjustable and padding shoulder straps to relieve shoulder strain, these uniformly spread the load.
- Ergonomic, adjustable with padding shoulder straps to relieve shoulder strain, to uniformly spread the carried load.
- Ergonomic and vented back padding to guarantee maximum comfort.
- A padded and vented waist strap with a load lifting handle to raise the carried weight and increase comfort during the hike.

Reinforced abrasion resistant bottom lining to protect the rucksack against abrasion in harsh environments and increase its overall lifespan.

Quality guarantee
Made with high quality materials to assure the maximal strength and the minimal weight:

- Poliamida ripstop 600D for all sections potentially touching the the ground..
- Poliamidaripstop210D for all other weight bearing parts.
- MESH on the shoulders-straps, back and belt to improve the comfort and optimize ventilation.
- High strength NIFCO plastic wear-resistant buckets.
- All stitching is doubled to improve strength and resistance to wear and tear.
- All the logos are made of high quality multipoint embroidery.
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