At Niviuk we believe that a reserve parachute is an essential piece of gear to guarantee pilot safety, and hence selecting the best model is as important as choosing the rest of the equipment. Having all these elements together working in sync allow the pilot to fly with peace of mind.

Our alliance with Vital Parachutes - expert rescue parachutes manufacturer - was key in being able to offer pilots a great safety option meeting our quality standards and expectations. The Octagon with its self-staibilization system is in our opinion the best reserve parachute on the market for various obvious reasons:

Its minimal weight and revolutionary octagonal design resulted in an extraordinary steady canopy behavior and safe descent trajectory.

Oscillation rate
Having a parachute with a straight down descent trajectory with minimal oscillation makes the pilot feel safer and in better control of the situation. The design characteristics of the octagon play an important role in it.

The oscillation Octagon rate is 0-5º, while other parachutes offer 10-15º. With this minimized rolling angle, the pilot cannot feel the deviation from the vertical axis while descending, making the added risk of an accelerated drop almost inexistent.

Descent rate
The Octagon descent factor is slower than what is found with other rescue parachutes: 4.9 m/s at maximum load compared to 5.3 m/s with others, thus guaranteeing softer and safer landings.

The ultimate result does not come from the minimal oscillation amount producing a slower descent rate and softer landing only, but from the canopy's large surface area.

Weight, volume and surface
The materials used to build it were wisely chosen to promote safety and reduce its overall weight: at only 1,1kg for the smallest size, the maximum all up weight is 80kg.

Why? Because the weight was reduced to a minimum but not the surface area (Size M: 32 m2). For that reason, Paramotor (PPG) pilots with a 215kg. all up weight will be able to use it as well. The ratio between the surface area, volume, product weight and performance makes it a valuable lifesaver to carry onboard while keeping the benefits of a larger size parachute without the weight.

Available in six sizes: 26 (S), 32 (M), 38 (L), 45 (XL), 55 (XXL) and 67 (Tandem).

· User's manual.
· Catalogue.
· Certification test: Octagon 26(S) / Octagon 32(M) / Octagon 38(L) / Octagon 45(XL) / Octagon 55(XXL) / Octagon 67(Tandem)

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