21.04.17  Brazilian bliss - Niviuk ladies top the podium
Brazilian bliss - Niviuk ladies top the podium Brazilian bliss - Niviuk ladies top the podium Brazilian bliss - Niviuk ladies top the podium Brazilian bliss - Niviuk ladies top the podium

Shauin Kao (Argentina, Peak 4) and Marina Olexina (Russia, Icepeak 7) won gold and silver at the Brazilian Nationals and Pre-Pan American championships held in Baixo Guandu.

The competition had three tasks, and Shauin said about her competition: "The soft and rainy conditions favoured my small Peak 4, which allowed me to turn more tightly and climb better than the rest. I took advantage of the conditions in the first two tasks and made the podium. A very fun competition with a fairly high level of participants".

Congratulations to Shauin and Marina!

Results here.
18.04.17  Kurt Eder, backcountry in his own backyard
Kurt Eder, backcountry in his own backyard

Following our news of Kurt Eder's fantastic triangle on the 30th of March (worth 331.16 points in the XContest!), an article on his backcountry flights and advice on the best areas to fly in his back yard has been published in the German national association's DHV-info. Kurt loves getting away from the crowds in South Tyrol and loves going to hike&fly with his Peak 4 - and soon his Klimber P.

In this article he describes some of the areas he explores like the Vetta d'Italia, a mountain he can reach by bus and hiking from his house. The ascent is more than 1000m and takes Kurt between 2-3 hours, depending on how much snow there is. The take-off is usually still covered in snow in June, so the hike is the first adventure of the day. All he has to do then is fly a triangle and land in his back garden. Last year he managed six triangles between 198km and 262km, winning him fifth place overall in the XContest - without even leaving his local region.

He explains his desire for hiking and solitude by saying that "I have enough stress at work. When I fly I want to enjoy myself". Asked if he worries that his huge flights will attract others to the same take-off and cause crowding, he says: "No problem. There are so many possibilities here - next year I will just find new places...”.

You can read the full article (in German) in DHV-info vol.204 here.
10.04.17  “Nothing gets close to its weight or packing size”
“Nothing gets close to its weight or packing size”

International paragliding magazine Cross Country reviewed our revolutionary tandem and were impressed.

About the launch characteristics, they said: “How a wing behaves is always important for tandems, but is even more important in the mountains where you may have limited space and the wind can be fickle. In our limited time with the wing we used it nil wind to a reasonable breeze. In all cases the wing behaved impeccably. With very little wind it happily came up overhead and then it needed very little control to keep it there. In stronger winds it was keen to come up overhead, but again there was no overshooting. All very calm and just what you need if you are already in an extreme situations in the high mountains”.

On flying the wing the test pilot commented: “The first thing I noticed was how little it moved, and how little correction it needed in the air. Everything feels just that bit smoother and, well, normal”. They continued: “Turns are easy to initiate and the wing reacts quickly to inputs with good progressive behaviour. Playing with the dynamic side of the wing it is easy to build up reasonable wingovers. Unlike a conventional wing the Bi Skin 2 P returns to straight and level flight very quickly once you stop and requires very little correction - a sure sign of the wing’s inherent stability in roll and pitch”.

In conclusion, they felt that despite being a single-surface glider, it felt like a normal wing - a good thing in their opinion. They said: “The wow factor is the weight and that amazing packing size”.

You can read the full review in issue 177 of Cross Country magazine here.
06.04.17  Kurt Eder flies a massive triangle
06.04.17  Niviuk in the Red Bull X-Alps 2017
05.04.17  2017 updated Niviuk catalogue
29.03.17  New Skin 2 & Skin 2 P
27.03.17  Gold medal for Tetsu Yakushiji
21.03.17  "Dreams? There are still so many!"
08.03.17  Niviuk at the Stubai Cup
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Brazilian bliss - Niviuk ladies top the podium
National and Pre-Pan American championships
Kurt Eder, backcountry in his own backyard
DHV-info interviews the Niviuk pilot
“Nothing gets close to its weight or packing size”
Cross Country magazine reviews the Bi Skin 2 P
Niviuk in the Red Bull X-Alps 2017
These are the Niviuk pilots competing in the race
2017 updated Niviuk catalogue
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