21.03.17  "Dreams? There are still so many!"

The current edition of Parapente + contains a report on the huge four month Himalaya traverse carried out by Jean Yves Fredriksen. Inseparable from his violin, he journeyed on foot and using his new Hook 4 P, from Tajikistan to Burma, through towering mountains and jungles.

In the article the Niviuk pilot, commonly known as Blutch, explains the reasons that led him to undertake the adventure, it details the best and worst moments of this incredible vol-biv experience and lets us glimpse his plans for the future: "Dreams? There are still so many!"

Don't miss all the details of Jean Yves' exciting journey in Parapente +

Spoiler alert! You will catch the adventure bug!
08.03.17  Niviuk at the Stubai Cup
Niviuk at the Stubai Cup

The final preparations for the 26th Stubai Cup (Austria) are under way. At this three-day event you can discover and try our most recent glider models for the coming season.

From this Friday until Sunday the 12th, we and our Austro-German Niviuk team are looking forward to meeting you. We will have all the information about our products as well as demo gliders like the Hook 4, Ikuma, Artik 4, the new EN D lightweight Klimber P and even the Skin 2, the second generation of the revolutionary Niviuk single-surface wing.

Don't miss it!

More information can be seen at the official event page.
07.03.17  Can you fly 300 km in one flight?
Can you fly 300 km in one flight?

The Spanish distance record (256 km) was set five years ago and to date no-one has improved on this distance. This year, as part of the XC Candelario SiXtema Central that will take place from 15 to 22 July, the country's leading pilots are meeting and the competition organisers are optimistic that the record can be broken or even exceed to 300 km. 

At Niviuk we are not just positive, we want to rewarding the first pilot that exceeds 300 km with 1 euro per kilometre flown, 2 euros if the pilot is flying a Niviuk wing. 

Participants have seven days to achieve this and the competition's GPS tracking system will be used to validate each pilot's flights. Different take-off locations may be used depending on the conditions: either from Candelario or from Pedro Bernardo (Avila) and Cabezabellosa (Cáceres).

The organisation has also organised a fly-in for non-competing pilots, as well as tandem flights for visitors who wish to experience flight for the first time.

More information at the official page of the XC Candelario SiXtema Central.
23.02.17  High Fly Nepal, the trailer
16.02.17  A special gold medal for Kari Ellis
15.02.17  Thermik Messe 2017
13.02.17  First ever PPG flights in Sudan
02.02.17  Roberta Perinetti’s Christmas gift
30.01.17  XXI edition of "Las Candelas"
25.01.17  “Our unanimous verdict: amazing”
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"Dreams? There are still so many!"
Jean Yves Fredriksen's grand traverse in Parapente +
Niviuk at the Stubai Cup
10-12 March - save the date!
Can you fly 300 km in one flight?
We are looking for a pilot to beat the Spanish distance record
High Fly Nepal, the trailer
Don't miss it!
A special gold medal for Kari Ellis
Manilla XC Camp 2017
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    From this Friday until Sunday we and our Niviuk Germany and Austria team are looking forward to meeting you at the…

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