24.07.17  “Klimber P is amongst the top!”
“Klimber P is amongst the top!” “Klimber P is amongst the top!” “Klimber P is amongst the top!” “Klimber P is amongst the top!”

German magazine Thermik and Free Aero recently coincided in its veredict on the Niviuk’s glider: “[…] In terms of climb and glide performance, the Klimber P is amongst the top current vol-biv gliders”.

The extensive review of the German magazine focussed heavily on the Klimber P’s take off characteristics, stating that in nil wind, and even with a tailwind, the wing is amazingly easy to launch. They also identify three main advantages of the wind when taking off in strong/cross winds: “The glider does not overshoot and its pitch control is sensational. Despite its light weight, the wing is perfectly behaved when laid out - even at 20km/h. Even in cross wind, the wing will climb straight overhead and is easily correctable. Collapses are extremely rare”.

Free Aero highlights the following about the take-off: "On the ground, the Klimber P behaves well and, despite its aspect ratio, the wing tips remain docile. The inflation is easy in all conditions. This is a real advantage for a wing which will often be used in difficult, narrow, rocky, steep take-offs…”

In the air, the magazines found the Klimber P to be precise, direct and with short brake travel. Thermik wrote: “The Klimber P is a ‘well-rounded’ wing; its well-balanced overall design concept in many ways could be described as the ‘golden mean’. Its balanced wing characteristics (not too hard or soft) should appeal to many pilots. Good sail tension, multiple turning possibilities and precise responsiveness result in a harmonious handling. One immediately feels good under the wing”.  Free Aero is not far behind: “[…] the big advantage of this wing, is more, over and above the pure performance, its capacity to fly without flinching, accelerate as if on a rail, in a moving, even turbulent, air flow, whilst being amazingly comfortable for the pilot. The wing is certified EN D, but it feels like flying an easy C. Amazing!”

Free Aero also highlights the implementation of Nitinol technology: Nitinol? Niviuk is currently the only manufacturer to integrate into most of its wings Nitinol, which reinforce the leading edges. This Nickel/Titanium alloy is heavily used in medicine and offers obvious advantages: great elasticity, shape memory, very small diameter, very light and unbreakable. The rods tension the leading edge, and above all, allow it to be folded without any constraints, unlike nylon leading edge rods. The friction surface in contact with the ground has been minimised and the ageing of the wing is much better, compared to plastic rods”.

Read the original Thermik article here. (English Translation here

Read the original Free Aero article here.
29.06.17  RSD, a new flight experience
RSD, a new flight experience

In Niviuk we work daily to find the best flight experience. With the new RSD technology (Radial Sliced Diagonal) the flying sensation of the pilot will be greatly improved, thanks to the reduction of inertia and sail deformations, as well as making the overall weight of the wing much lighter!

Discover all the details about this new technology here
08.06.17  Safety joins performance in Peak 4

France-based UK pilot Rupert Hone received his Peak 4 this year and did not hesitate to start living adventures with his new companion. Now he has completed an SIV course with the glider, and his views on the course and the Peak 4 soon arrived: "Overall the wing is very highly pressurized! This saved me from getting wet several times on first day when my glider control and harness positions got me into trouble. Having such a high internal pressure meant side collapsed came out quickly and most importantly the center of the wing kept flying. It also meant that despite my best efforts I was unable to collapse a side of the glider, pulling on just the A riser. Yes of course there is great energy but providing you brake at the right point and are prepared to brake in deep inputs and release quickly, the Peak 4 is predictable and controllable. I am new to 2 liners so wanted to also appreciate what control on the B risers was like. So in addition to lots and lots of 360s with rapid exits and damping dive on brakes, I also practiced damping symmetrically on the Bs, which worked very well. Short and very effective as you are activating a large part of the rear of the glider”.

“Stalling the Peak 4 (when done intentionally) and in 2 step process, is very stable and once you find the backfly position, easy and comfortable to hold there, with a very damped dive afterwards. […] The strong points of the Peak 4 are stability and comfort when in backfly, the position of Peak 4 which really wants to fly after the backfly and lastly the shallow dive on release. Frankly I was surprised by glider’s benevolent stall behavior".

On the other hand, the Acro ace and champion David Geiser tested his Peak 4 during an acro session and the results were exceptional! He said: "Safety and performance are combined with this wing, really impressed about it!"

You can watch David's tests here: 

22.05.17  Gavin McClurg faces the North of Known.
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06.04.17  Kurt Eder flies a massive triangle
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“Klimber P is amongst the top!”
German magazine Thermik and Free Aero recently coincided in its veredict on the Niviuk’s glider.
RSD, a new flight experience
We renew the glider's internal structure to improve the pilot experience.
Stability, safety and comfort define the Koyot 3
The pilot Dmitri Fedorov flew with the Niviuk glider and his sensation was very positive.
Safety joins performance in Peak 4
Pilots Rupert Hone and David Geiser tested the Peak 4 and their opinions are very positive!
Packing the octagon parachute
New step by step guide on how to pack the Octagon!
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    @THERMIKmagazin @FreeAeroMag "In my opinion the Klimber P is an efficient and easy to use wing in all conditions" -…

    🌄📝Competitive and designed for your adventure! @THERMIKmagazin and @FreeAeroMag reviewed the #KlimberP. Read more:…

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