14.09.11  Niviuk at the Coupe Icare
Niviuk at the Coupe Icare Niviuk at the Coupe Icare Niviuk at the Coupe Icare Niviuk at the Coupe Icare

As every end of September, from the 22th to the 25, the free flying community has its annual gathering in the alpine village of Saint Hilaire du Touvet, to celebrate the Coupe Icare.

Niviuk, since its creation, once again is proud to invite you to share with us this event. We will be at our usual stand (B30/C21). In this edition 2011 Niviuk has numerous new products to show you:

The awaited Artik 3 is finally at production in our factory. With an innovative profile developed using the very latest software and a new line plan using low resistance 3-line technology brings performance and passive safety never before seen on an EN C glider.

Our two new wings exclusively designed for the powered flight will also be at Saint Hilaire. The Link, not only offers confidence and comfort it also brings to you ease of flight, from your very first powered flight to onward progression the LINK will adapt with your experience. The Kougar, on the other hand, is the paramotor wing for experienced pilots looking for stability, maneuverability and speed provided by the own Niviuk System Reflex Profile.

We will also present you the two new wings designed exclusively for the Acro pilots. The F-Gravity 2, a dedicated wing for the freestyle discipline, and the N-Gravity 2 for the experimented acro pilots. Dynamic, speedy and light, wings to fulfill the own imagination in the air.

The research and development team at Niviuk has been working hard also on the harnesses front. The Drifter, the most innovative and aerodynamic cross country and competition harness of the moment keeps being admired by pilots around the globe. They comment on the increase of performance that the Drifter produces on the wing and on their top comfort when flying.

The original Hamak returns with several improvements. We have evolved the all-round Niviuk harness, updating it with the most technological advanced materials, more resistant and being  900 grs lighter and with new colors.

In addition to the Drifter and the Hamak 2, we will introduce the Roamer and the Transat. The Roamer is the multipurpose harness from Niviuk. It is a reversible harness ideally suited to speed riding, speed flying or mountain flying. The Transat has been designed for the tandem professionals and enthusiastic. It has been conceived for pilot comfort, mobility and security during the take-off and landing stages.

We look forward to your visit

The Niviuk Team

Coupe Icare
30.11.16  5000 m high between beautiful peaks
5000 m high between beautiful peaks 5000 m high between beautiful peaks 5000 m high between beautiful peaks 5000 m high between beautiful peaks

A few weeks ago we reported on Roberta Perinetti’s double hat-trick of 100 km flights in Bir Billing, India. Michele Marchi Vidi was with her and has sent us this report of his amazing time in India with his Artik 4.

He says about his trip: “I did some incredible flights everyday including a very nice traverse from Bir Billing to Solang. On the first day I did 98 km - my personal best so far. The following days I beat that with 118 km, 113 km, 129 km, 139 km 152 km, and the next day another 152 km with an average speed of 26 km/h, then another 108 km in relax mode as the condition were getting stable. My final flight was a nice 59 km over the back in the Himalayas, flying most of the time at 5000 meters between beautiful peaks - a dream come true experience. All thanks to my beautiful Artik4, which I trust and which is fast and safe”.

Michele and Roberta are currently the top-ranked Niviuk pilots in the sport class in the international XContest. His goal for this season? “I will do my best in spring to do some nice triangles in Antholz (South Tyrol) to stay in the top 100 in the world XContest, thats my plan!”.

You can see a video of his flight to Solang here.
24.11.16  New Klimber P
New Klimber P New Klimber P New Klimber P New Klimber P New Klimber P

We introduce you the new Klimber P, the first lightweight high-performance Niviuk EN D wing. Fully certified, this new model is intended for those pilots who want more: more performance, more aerodynamics, more adrenaline. Ideal for those who want to exceed current limits, expert pilots who are insatiable for adventure flight and hike & fly and vol-biv aficionados who are looking for a tool to match their highest expectations. 

The main objective of the R&D team was to find the perfect compromise between maximum performance and the least possible weight and volume. The result is that packing, carrying and flying the Klimber P is not only comfortable, it is an extraordinary experience. And all this, of course, meets the maximum safety standards and guarantees that are the hallmark of our company. 

For further information click here.
21.11.16  Wayne Seeley wins third place
17.11.16  Fly High Nepal
15.11.16  "The Niviuk Roller is great!"
14.11.16  National Championships of Ecuador 2016
10.11.16  Icarus Trophy 2017
08.11.16  Roberta Perinetti and her Artik 4
07.11.16  Zeb Roche and the Bi Skin 2 P
03.11.16  The new Bi Skin 2 P
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5000 m high between beautiful peaks
A dream come true
New Klimber P
The first lightweight high-performance EN D glider
Wayne Seeley wins third place
A hotly contested UK XC league
Fly High Nepal
A sacred mountain, a unique aerial adventure
"The Niviuk Roller is great!"
Flybubble UK review the Roller
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