14.09.11  Niviuk at the Coupe Icare
Niviuk at the Coupe Icare Niviuk at the Coupe Icare Niviuk at the Coupe Icare Niviuk at the Coupe Icare

As every end of September, from the 22th to the 25, the free flying community has its annual gathering in the alpine village of Saint Hilaire du Touvet, to celebrate the Coupe Icare.

Niviuk, since its creation, once again is proud to invite you to share with us this event. We will be at our usual stand (B30/C21). In this edition 2011 Niviuk has numerous new products to show you:

The awaited Artik 3 is finally at production in our factory. With an innovative profile developed using the very latest software and a new line plan using low resistance 3-line technology brings performance and passive safety never before seen on an EN C glider.

Our two new wings exclusively designed for the powered flight will also be at Saint Hilaire. The Link, not only offers confidence and comfort it also brings to you ease of flight, from your very first powered flight to onward progression the LINK will adapt with your experience. The Kougar, on the other hand, is the paramotor wing for experienced pilots looking for stability, maneuverability and speed provided by the own Niviuk System Reflex Profile.

We will also present you the two new wings designed exclusively for the Acro pilots. The F-Gravity 2, a dedicated wing for the freestyle discipline, and the N-Gravity 2 for the experimented acro pilots. Dynamic, speedy and light, wings to fulfill the own imagination in the air.

The research and development team at Niviuk has been working hard also on the harnesses front. The Drifter, the most innovative and aerodynamic cross country and competition harness of the moment keeps being admired by pilots around the globe. They comment on the increase of performance that the Drifter produces on the wing and on their top comfort when flying.

The original Hamak returns with several improvements. We have evolved the all-round Niviuk harness, updating it with the most technological advanced materials, more resistant and being  900 grs lighter and with new colors.

In addition to the Drifter and the Hamak 2, we will introduce the Roamer and the Transat. The Roamer is the multipurpose harness from Niviuk. It is a reversible harness ideally suited to speed riding, speed flying or mountain flying. The Transat has been designed for the tandem professionals and enthusiastic. It has been conceived for pilot comfort, mobility and security during the take-off and landing stages.

We look forward to your visit

The Niviuk Team

Coupe Icare
25.08.16  Back Country, soaring a volcanic crater and lava flows
Back Country, soaring a volcanic crater and lava flows Back Country, soaring a volcanic crater and lava flows Back Country, soaring a volcanic crater and lava flows

Molly McEwin is a low-airtime pilot from Australia. She recently brought an Ikuma and headed off to the Indonesian island of Bali. A few nights ago she hiked up Mt Agung, an active volcano, to 3140m then flew off and ridge soared the volcano before gliding off to land on the beach.

She describes her adventure as the most breathtaking flight - made even more remarkable because it was also her first hike and fly, highest altitude gain, her first XC and all on a new wing, the Ikuma, that she had owned for just a week.

She added: 'With only 10 hours airtime before coming to Bali and no XC experience, I was originally very nervous about the planned flight, but after adding 13 hours of flying my new Ikuma in Bali, I was very confident with the wing and its potential. After a slow but easy 5 hour hike up with our gear, we watched the most incredible sunrise from Bali's highest peak, Mt Agung, and set up the gliders. The wind was perfect, and after launching from the steep scree slopes, we easily climbed to over 10,000 ft, soaring the volcanic crater and lava flows. After a spectacular half an hour of soaring the slopes, we went on glide to the coast. I was topped out above everyone else, which I was particularly happy about after having to change our landing destination due to a strong headwind, giving me lots of time and options before landing in a clear paddock next to the main road, ready for the long hitch-hike back'.

Talk about off-the-beaten-track, pure Backcountry!

Photo credit to Shane Tighe
24.08.16  Ikuma P, the adventure goes with you
Ikuma P, the adventure goes with you Ikuma P, the adventure goes with you Ikuma P, the adventure goes with you Ikuma P, the adventure goes with you

A few weeks ago we anticipate that Niviuk would expand its light glider family, the P-Series range. Thus, we are now pleased to unveil the Ikuma P, the lightweight version of the standard Ikuma, the EN B+ ‘easy performance’ wing - but with up to 1.4 kg less weight (size 27).

Designed for pilots passionate about cross-country and Back Country, hike & fly or vol-biv adventures, this new model has reduced weight and volume to make it easier to carry and transport, among many other advantages.

Discover them on the product official website
23.08.16  Triple podium for Niviuk
19.08.16  The unprecedented and incredible story of Kate Baker
10.08.16  'Niviuk have nailed it!'
09.08.16  Podium hat-trick for Niviuk at the Belgian Open
09.08.16  Bianca Heinrich crowned US women's champion
05.08.16  Malawi and the School of Dreams
04.08.16  Skin P, by Julien Irilli and Jean-Yves "Blutch" Fredriksen
03.08.16  Vice-champions of Switzerland
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Soaring a volcanic crater and lava flows
The first hike & fly adventure of Molly McEwin
Ikuma P, the adventure goes with you
We introduce you the light version of the Ikuma
Triple podium for Niviuk
Swiss Aerobatic Championships
The unprecedented and incredible story of Kate Baker
Records and great flights in just one year
'Niviuk have nailed it!'
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