08.11.16  Roberta Perinetti and her Artik 4
Roberta Perinetti and her Artik 4

A month after the 2017 global XContest started, Roberta Perinetti has taken an early lead in the women’s ranking. After spending a few weeks in Bir Billing, India, she has racked up an impressive 986.5 points already.

Flying her Artik 4, she completed six 100km+ flights in one week. The longest was 151.20 km (181.44 points), which required spending 6:46 hours in the air. Her other flights were 126.37km, 123.08km, 144.65km, 127.47km and 148.94km. She had a rest day on the 24th of October, but in the week between the 19th – 25th October, she was in the air for over 39 hours! An impressive week and excellent flying! 

You can see details of her flights here.
19.01.17  Back from Nepal
Back from Nepal Back from Nepal Back from Nepal Back from Nepal Back from Nepal

In November 2016 the Fly High Nepal team attempted to fly over Machapuchare (7993m) with tandems. It was a very uncertain whether it would be possible and therefore a particularly exciting goal!

They had to contend with an important layer of stability, periods of strong winds at high altitude and a sea of clouds that made the return to Pokhara somewhat committed.

Nevertheless, three attempts allowed the team to reach the altitude of 6423m, to our knowledge, the highest tandem flight in 2016.

The trek leading to the take-off zone as well as the legendary hospitality of the Nepalese people allowed the whole crew to have an exceptional experience. The Takoo 3 was once again the perfect tool to face the strong Himalayan aerology with optimal performance and safety.

Their oxygen appliances worked perfectly, making the flights possible as well as comfortable and allowing them to admire the beauty of the Annapurna massif as if in an armchair. But the most important thing for the pilots was to see the smiles and the amazement of their passengers.

The team is already looking forward to trying again in November 2017. We will stay tuned! 
16.01.17  "We have never seen anything like it!"

During the last Coupe Icare, Philippe Lami and Sabine Duvivier, both tandem pilots, did not want to miss the opportunity to try out one of Niviuk's most recent models: the Bi Skin 2 P. Their review was published in Parapente Mag magazine.

The lightness and compact design are really impressive: a 3.3 kg tandem which, once folded, can fit into a 30L backpack... we have never seen anything like it!", said the French magazine. 

The review focussed especially on the take-off phase which it describes as “exceptional”. They added: “Julien Irilli took off from the top of the Grandes Jorasses and also reported that even at more than 4000 meters altitude and with a slight tailwind, Bi Skin 2 P takes off perfectly”.

In the air and flying alongside dozens of other wings, Philippe Lami writes that “the wing-loading is surprising and once in the air, Sabine and I were again impressed. We didn't lose out to the other wings. The Bi Skin 2 P climbs, penetrates, advances and pushes really well, just like the other wings around us. The turn is direct and precise, with a sweet, soft and light handling, close to that of a single seater: a pleasure”. He adds that Bi Skin 2 P is not just a glider for top-to-bottoms, but “in thermals it climbs in a truly effective way”. 

As for landing, in this case with the trimmers completely open, “the speed translates into a moderate but noticeable roundout, and our touchdown was very gentle”.

Finally, the publication emphasises the user-friendliness of this revolutionary EN B tandem and adds the views of Julien Irilli, who explains that “3.3 kg is a true revolution for high-altitude mountaineering”, and praises its very fast acceleration, the sensitivity of its handling in the air and the lightness when piloting it. 

You can read the full review here.
12.01.17  The video of the great traveller
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