08.11.16  Roberta Perinetti and her Artik 4
Roberta Perinetti and her Artik 4

A month after the 2017 global XContest started, Roberta Perinetti has taken an early lead in the women’s ranking. After spending a few weeks in Bir Billing, India, she has racked up an impressive 986.5 points already.

Flying her Artik 4, she completed six 100km+ flights in one week. The longest was 151.20 km (181.44 points), which required spending 6:46 hours in the air. Her other flights were 126.37km, 123.08km, 144.65km, 127.47km and 148.94km. She had a rest day on the 24th of October, but in the week between the 19th – 25th October, she was in the air for over 39 hours! An impressive week and excellent flying! 

You can see details of her flights here.
23.02.17  High Fly Nepal, the trailer

As we previously reported, in November the High Fly Nepal team planned to fly tandem over Mount Machapuchare (6993 m).

Three attempts at this feat meant the team reached altitudes up to 6423 meters and recorded the incredible images featured in this trailer.

The full film is nearly ready!

16.02.17  A special gold medal for Kari Ellis
A special gold medal for Kari Ellis

We are proud to announce that Australian Peak 4 pilot Kari Ellis has joined the exclusive club of women overall comp winners, topping the podium of the Manilla XC Camp 2017. 

This is the first time a woman has won a paragliding event in Australia! Tasking seven out of eight days, she achieved 1006 kms during this long-established open cross-country event (fly where you like!). In a sport where women are under-represented, this is a fantastic achievement.

Kari said about her comp: "Thank you Niviuk for a great glider in the Peak 4, and thank you to all my buddies who I shared the air with each day! In a sport dominated by men, I have never been prouder to fly the flag for women in paragliding than I am today".

Huge congratulations to Kari!
15.02.17  Thermik Messe 2017
13.02.17  First ever PPG flights in Sudan
02.02.17  Roberta Perinetti’s Christmas gift
30.01.17  XXI edition of "Las Candelas"
25.01.17  “Our unanimous verdict: amazing”
19.01.17  Back from Nepal
16.01.17  "We have never seen anything like it!"
12.01.17  The video of the great traveller
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High Fly Nepal, the trailer
Don't miss it!
A special gold medal for Kari Ellis
Manilla XC Camp 2017
Thermik Messe 2017
See you there!
First ever PPG flights in Sudan
The adventures of the Dust Devil Team
Roberta Perinetti’s Christmas gift
“It has been my big dream for a lot of years”
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