11.01.17  Jean Yves tells his story first-hand
Jean Yves tells his story first-hand Jean Yves tells his story first-hand Jean Yves tells his story first-hand Jean Yves tells his story first-hand Jean Yves tells his story first-hand

4 months - 4 months away from home, from friends, from family, it doesn’t sound so long.

I had 4 months to try the first complete traverse of the Himalayas by walking and paragliding with my violin... It was an eternity, a full life, a no end story.

Suddenly, I realised that I get vertigo, I feel nausea. But what should I do? Am I crazy? Do I carry on? Do I finish? Do I come back?

In Tajikistan I was roaming around and hesitating to start my adventure. Komil, my friend and his family took care of me for 5 days. A few days later, I heard bullets whistling. After 4 days of interrogation by intelligence officers, Brakfin, the inspector, still suspicious of my innocence, helped me to leave the country, a free man.

In Pakistan, my old friends Ishaq and Shafqat felt I was hopeless. We laughed and they feed me with walnut cake, apricot oil, wild strawberries and finally I recharged my batteries. When the violent high altitude winds stopped, I needed a lot of energy to fly across Pakistan in only 6 days from the Chinese border to Islamabad. Along K2, Rakaposhi and Nanga Parbat, I finally flew above Kohistan to Malika Parbat and the entrance of the Kaghan valley.

In India, a vulture’s belly touched the back of my glider. A few hours later, a Hindu shaman and his 13 disciples exorcised the mountain and sky demons from me. After 2 days of lighting storms, my friends were feeding me with a sacrificed goat in a rock cave.

In Doplo (Nepal), I left Gagan Kali, Lal and the little Disti in this fantastic region I always dreamed to visit. Eyes in the sky because of so much kindness and beauty, I crashed!

I flew too close to a cliff, my glider collapsed and suddenly I fell to the ground. For 2 hours I didn’t know if I was living or dreaming. Dreaming I had no injuries, I was caught by the Himalayan trap. I had to take off again, to face the cliff.

In Sikkim, I joined John Anthoney, a Facebook friend and pilot. He followed my all Himalayan trip. With Munna, his wife, they took me home. I was skin and bones. I had lost 15 kg by the end of Nepal traverse. 5 days later I left again by air for the Sikkim paragliding traverse.

In the end, I reached the final region of the Himalaya mountain range: Arunachal Pradesh. The region features glaciers and high peaks and the local people eat strange insects and caterpillars. I was flying above the jungle, hearing monkey and bird screams. Take offs and thermals started to be rare. I was very far from home. My head was full, too full. In Sepa, Gourishankar, his wife and his 3 daughters took care of me. I was sick, at the very end of my strength.

You have been so kind to me, friends from the Himalayas! Whatever your country, your religion, you, Himalayan people and your mountains helped me to forget numbers, distances, clouds bases and altitudes! Thank you so much!
14.08.17  Stefan Keller: Fly to feel again.
Stefan Keller: Fly to feel again. Stefan Keller: Fly to feel again.

Stefan Keller is an adventurer and pilot in the Jura Massif in Switzerland. He began flying with 40 years and after a decade flying and teaching he suffered an accident that forced him to go in a wheelchair. After his recovery he wanted to rediscover the authentic sensation of flying and it was at that moment when Stefan realized that flying meant for him to feel again:

"It took me 11 months to get back in the air but when I did it was like coming home. I flew for an hour, alongside my friend Chrigel Maurer. Both the physical and mental challenge of flying was easy. I justcame back toit. In the harness I forget I am in a wheelchair".

"Launch is a gravity take-off. Gravity works, no one has to push. Gravity pulls the wheelchair down, and that gives the speed. Zero wind or even a light wind from behind is ok. Strong wind from the frontis difficult and dangerous".

"I fly an Ikuma from Niviuk. My favourite places to fly are the Isle of Wight, the Alps and Colombia. I have pain. And in Colombia, when I go in the Winter, I have not so strong pain. Also on the Isle of Weight. When I am happy the pain goes down".

"There are more wheelchair pilots in France, but I am the only wheelchair instructor in the whole world. I have a lot of wheelchair students now. I have students in Colombia, and in May I have students coming to Switzerland from Norway. I am specialist now in teaching wheelchair users to fly paragliders. After take-off, you don’t have a disability".

Read the full interview at Cross Country Magazine 181.
01.08.17  Liv Sansoz to the conquest of the Alps.
Liv Sansoz to the conquest of the Alps. Liv Sansoz to the conquest of the Alps.

Liv Sansoz is a complete adventurer. She loves climbing, mountaineering, skiing and, of course, flying. Now she has decided to combine all his passions in an unprecedented adventure: climbing the 82 peaks of more than 4000m in the Alps. With her lightweight, her Skin P, and full of value, Liv embarked on a mind-blowing trip she named #LivAlongTheWay.

“When I started my project I had no idea what the reality would really be like. I'm now more than half way with 48 summits climbed (July 2017) and so far it's been an amazing and fulfilling experience although it's not always been easy. The fulfilling part is that I got to share all those mountains with amazing friends; and the opportunity to combine this project with skiing (March / April) and Paragliding, when it’s possible. The interesting part is that I always have to make the right decisions in term of itinerary, weather forecast, and the way to link two mountains the most efficiently. It's an interesting game”.

“The tough part is that physically it's very demanding: an average day is about 13h of climb with long distance and elevation and it's always in altitude. The lack of sleep is hard (quite often the day starts at 3am and you never sleep well in a hut or bivouac). Feet hurts, body hurts but every morning you start and every new day becomes a wonderful day”.

“The reward? Standing happy on top of the summit and all the sunrises in the mountains. And the pleasure to take off to land in the valley, kilometers away...”

Follow Liv on: 



24.07.17  “Klimber P is amongst the top!”
29.06.17  RSD, a new flight experience
08.06.17  Safety joins performance in Peak 4
22.05.17  Gavin McClurg faces the North of Known.
05.05.17  Tom Payne on the Bi Skin 2 P: “It opens up so many adventure possibilities”
28.04.17  Julien Irilli on the Klimber P - "it will triumph!"
21.04.17  Brazilian bliss - Niviuk ladies top the podium
18.04.17  Kurt Eder, backcountry in his own backyard
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Stefan Keller: Fly to feel again.
Meet Stefan Keller, an example of overcoming that rediscovered the sensation of flying.
Liv Sansoz to the conquest of the Alps.
Discover the spectacular adventure of Liv Sansoz and her Klimber P in the Alps.
“Klimber P is amongst the top!”
German magazine Thermik and Free Aero recently coincided in its veredict on the Niviuk’s glider.
RSD, a new flight experience
We renew the glider's internal structure to improve the pilot experience.
Stability, safety and comfort define the Koyot 3
The pilot Dmitri Fedorov flew with the Niviuk glider and his sensation was very positive.
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