18.10.10  PWC Competition
PWC Competition PWC Competition PWC Competition PWC Competition PWC Competition

With the Super final in Turkey concluding the official PWC 2010 season has now ended. It has been a spectacular year in terms of design and technology applied to the new competition wings. As you might well know Niviuk developed the Icepeak 4 NS in a record time. In five months we were able to offer a very competitive wing to our competition team that participated at the Europeans in Abtenau last May. For this season we only produced 8 wings and the results we obtained have been spectacular. At the Europeans, in the women’s category we took first and second place. At the PWC tour, from 8 contested events, Niviuk had 27% of the podiums. We started in Brazil with Urban Valic´s victory and third place by his brother Aljaz. Italian Biaggio Vitale finished sixth and French Maxime Bellemin tenth. In women, the current world champion Elisa Houdry took also victory. ABAC/Niviuk team was also on the podium with its third place. The Asian round saw a significant reduction in the participation of our European pilots. Even then, Swiss pilot based in China, Alex Hofer took an excellent second position with his Icepeak 3, while local pilot Xianping Hou was third in the womens category. Back in Europe and after the Greek round, the PWC went to Italy and with Aljaz Valic and Urban finishing the competition second and ninth respectively they are both continuing to work hard to perfect the wing which we will offer to the pilots for the 2011 season. At the American round in Chelan we saw another Niviuk victory in front of a very large number of wings of other brands. Josh Cohn and his Icepeak 4 NS took control of the event and finished first after six tasks. Good result also for American Brad Gunnuscio in eleventh position. For the women, Venezuelan pilot Joanna di Grigoli also finished first. Team Niviuk USA were also present on the winners podium, taking third place overall. Just before the Super final, the PWC held its seventh event in Portugal. Local pilot Claudio Virgilio under the Icepeak 4 NS secured second place. And in the final round, in Turkey, Niviuk continued to show a presence on the winners podium with French pilot Jean Marc Caron taking third position. Aljaz Valic who was at the top of the provisional ladder during various days, finished the competition in fourth position. In the women category, gold for the newly crowned European Champion went to Petra Slivova and bronze to Elisa Houdry. To complete the trio of medals, ABAC/Niviuk took silver in the teams. A very successful season if we consider the number of NIVIUK wings that have competed. But perhaps the most important thing for us is what we have achieved in the evolution of competition gliders. After intensive testing and several different designs and proto types, we will have ready for the 2011 season the ICEPEAK 5.
We wish to congratulate all our pilots for such excellent results and we thank those of you who have competed with NIVIUK wings in 2010. We can say that we are ready and prepared for another exciting year of competition in 2011 and look forward to taking you the pilots to a higher level of success.

The Niviuk Team.

17.01.18  Roamer 2 - The lightness goes with you
Roamer 2 - The lightness goes with you Roamer 2 - The lightness goes with you Roamer 2 - The lightness goes with you

Recently, the German web Gemeinsam-Fliegen published a review of the new Niviuk's reversible harness, the Roamer 2. And its sensations couldn’t be better! They highlight the lightness and the facility when carrying it as a backpack, as well as its safety and its versatility once it has become a harness. You can read a complete translation of the article below:

Roamer 2 - The lightness of being by Jutta (Gemeinsam-Fliegen)

Finding a suitable harness can be like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. This means that you need to start with the question - personally, what do I actually want? My new harness needs to be:

*Lightweight especially for hike & fly tours.

*Easy to carry as a rucksack.

*Already have full back protection when ready for take off.

*Comfortable in flight.

When testing different harnesses, they fulfilled some of the criteria, but I didn't find one that matched all of them. The Roamer 2 did tick all the boxes.

When I tested it, I carried the rucksack up Monte Valinis, an ascent of approximately 700m and I barely noticed it on my back. This makes the walk itself fun and it isn't just a means to an end - a good prerequisite for Hike&Fly tours. The rucksack has been well thought through with many details - from the easily reachable mobile phone pocket on the waist strap to the bungee cord for a jacket; the drink bottle holder to the helmet attachment mesh.  The material, including the zips, seems robust.

With my complete equipment, my pack weighed in at 6.5 kg. The reversible harness weighs just 1.4 kg.

When I put on the harness initially it felt a bit flimsy, which wasn't very reassuring. However, I do know that the additional back protector with nitinol rods, which ensure that the airbag is pre-inflated before launch, will protect me.

In my enthusiasm for testing the harness, I forgot my little vario and start my take off run - my goodness, it's so easy! No having to wriggle into the harness, despite the winter clothes - just launch and fly.

So that was the first "Aha!" moment. From the second I launched, I knew the wing and harness were a match. The wing and harness allowed me to fly easily and playfully and I climbed even without the vario beeps. The harness responds to the wing immediately and instantly converts weight-shift. What fun having this much agility, it's effortless. Ooops, the wind strengthens as I climb, but I can reach the two-step speed-bar without any problems. So that also fits.

Top landings are also easier than usual: just stand up and land - fantastic. I did have some qualms about manoeuvres as the spiral dive. But no, I (1.70 m, 60 kg) fit into the harness so perfectly, that everything acts through my body's centre of gravity. It means I can use my legs, backside and arms without bending the back protector.

Roll and pitch are even more agile on the Roamer 2 than with other harnesses, but without ever feeling unstable.

Next time I will attach my parachute container, which also fits into the rucksack. This will make it one kilo heavier, but makes it a fully functioning harness. I am now really looking forward to my Hike&Fly tours in the coming season! 

(Jutta on

11.01.18  Niviuk at the Thermik Messe in Stuttgart
Niviuk at the Thermik Messe in Stuttgart Niviuk at the Thermik Messe in Stuttgart Niviuk at the Thermik Messe in Stuttgart

A new edition of the Thermik Messe is here, the best paragliding and air sports exhibition in Germany will take place in Stuttgart on the 13th and 14th of January.

Visit the Niviuk stand (10C52) and find out all the new products arriving this 2018. From the brand new Takoo 4 to the upcoming gliders like the Artik 5 and the E-Gravity. You can also learn about our new backpacks and harnesses and interact with them to discover all their benefits.

Visit to all the information about the event.

See you! 
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Roamer 2 - The lightness goes with you
Read the Paragleiter Flugschule review about the Niviuk's reversible harness.
Niviuk at the Thermik Messe in Stuttgart!
A new edition of the Thermik Messe will take place in Stuttgart on the 13th and 14th of January. See you!
The Koyot 3 P is now available!
First flights could not be more relaxing, but they could be lighter. Discover the new Niviuk's ultralight wing.
The new Takoo 4 has arrived!
The fourth version of the model, the first glider of a new generation of tandem.
Skin 2 P: A glider for amazing adventures
Free Aero magazine and the Bulgarian pilot Teodor Todorov made their own review of the Skin 2 P.
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