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"I'm happy and as it says the old and beautiful song of Frank S. "I did it my way"."
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My name is German and I come from a small village called Villa Capinota in Cochabamaba, Bolivia. It is situated in a valley beneath the Andes. Ever since I was a child, I would walk the hills and think about flying in some way.

When I was young I did skydiving, I got to know this sport through some magazines and I had the opportunity to travel to Europe and work as paragliding a instructor. I started competing in Spain and, after a long break, I returned to competitions, winning local and national championships on several occasions.

In FAI Cat. 2 international competitions I managed to get on the podium several times, because I discovered that these are the competitions I enjoy most. The next step was qualifying for the PWC and reaching the Superfinal. But I do not think that I got my place for being well-behaved - ha ha ha.

Currently, I am working freelance and at weekends I do tandem flights. In the not too distant future I would like to be in all the world paragliding events. 
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