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The most accessible performance 
Enjoy an EN B experience with EN C performance. The new Ikuma 2 is a wing that is easy to fly and has a performance that exceeds the standard in its category.

Safety at the service of adventure 
The application of the latest Niviuk technologies offers a high level of passive safety. Be confident in your abilities and cherish every moment of your flights!

Total comfort 
A solid and stable wing that rises to all challenges and allows you to fly without worries.


Complete your training with a wing that gives you the option to perfect your skills and gain confidence flight after flight.
Complete your first long distance flights and do it under the safety and control of a high performance EN B wing.

Ikuma 2

In detail

Ikuma 2
Ikuma 2
Ikuma 2
Ikuma 2
Ikuma 2
Safe in every moment
High passive safety due to Niviuk technologies so that the pilot feels confident and can enjoy every flight.

The long brake travel allows the speed to be progressively reduced without the risk of stalling. Thus, the behaviour and comfort of the wing at low speeds is improved.

The application of RAM technology guarantees a better absorption of any turbulence.
Ikuma 2
Superior performance
Extra glide when using air movements as an energy source. It makes it easier to cut though and climb in different air masses.

A faster glider (+ 4 km/h) with very efficient handling in thermals.

The profile is more uniform across the entire speed range. As a result, the wing performs well above its class.
Ikuma 2
Advanced accessibility and stable in flight
A better balance in roll and pitch that ensures greater safety and comfort.

A solid wing that will allow you to enjoy long flights without any worries.

A more uniform and progressive inflation that makes take off easier and faster.

A simple wing to fly with precise handling.
Ikuma 2
Light by nature
One of the lightest paragliders in its category, even in the serial version.

The light (Plume) version is available as an ultra-light wing.

Niviuk Technologies

New optimised profile

Four extra cells

Hybrid materials

New C2B system

The perfect finish

Optimisation of the attachment points

New optimised profile
An improved load distribution over the entire wingspan increases the performance and aerodynamics of the wing.

Four colours. 
Trendy colours.

Configure and order your wing. You can select standard colours or, at additional cost, you can also personalise it and/or add the logos of your choice. As you like it!