Speed, efficiency and security in PPG. Discover the new Dobermann 2 and master the challenge of races, slalom courses and aerobatics.


EN 926-1 / DGAC


 Faster, steadier and better in turn 

A highly efficient reflex profile is the perfect stability/speed combination. Speed retention assists during all phases of the flight and the wing remains compact and safe throughout the turn. More efficient and effortless than ever.

 Huge speed range 

Better acceleration efficiency and safety from minimum to top speed. The wing allows quick acceleration to reduce pilot’s lap-time in competitions and slalom courses but it is also good at low speed for an easy control during takeoff and landing.

 More sizes 

Available and certified in six sizes, suitable for the widest possible range and type of pilots. The new larger sizes are more appropriate for freestyle and recreational flights. The smaller wings are perfect for slalom flying.


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The Dobermann 2 is an agile and very fast wing, targeted at experienced competition and slalom paramotor pilots, who also want a comfortable and safe glider. It also provides excellent glide efficiency and a wide speed range, which are very valuable characteristics for freestyle and recreational pilots.

Building on the success of the Dobermann, the Niviuk R&D team have worked to improve the speed, handling and ease of turning and stability.

Beginning with speed, the wing’s aerofoil design has been optimised to reach a higher top speed up to 81 km/h*. Furthermore, the Dobermann 2 is fitted with the Double Effect System (DES), allowing pilot to make the most of the glider‘s ability to perform to its maximum potential when using the speed bar. The DES keeps the trimmers in a closed position (slow speed setting) and automatically opens them when accelerating during the flight. When the speed bar is released, the DES returns the profile to the neutral (default) position.

On the other hand, its arched canopy allows a better turning efficiency for improved roll. To enhance the turning efficiency even more, the Dobermann 2 also has the Double Steering System. This means the Dobermann 2’s brake handle has two lines: the main brake and the high-speed tip steering.

The high-speed tip steering allows the pilot to turn without pulling the brake, avoiding profile deformation and hence a decrease in performance and speed. Without yawing, the tip permits a turning speed up to 60 km/h when rounding a pylon.

The high-speed tip steering of the Dobermann 2 can be easily activated and provides the pilot with a simple and efficient tool to turn easily without braking.

Another new feature is the shorter lines to allow the pilot to be closer to the wing, making it possible to obtain a tighter turning radius and effortless handling.

In case of a wingtip collapsing, the very precise stabilo line trimming and its distribution make this part of the glider roll inside instead of folding back for an immediate recovery.

We wanted to add stability and security to all this speed and turn efficiency. The Reflex System Profile (RSP) of the Dobermann 2 was designed to provide sufficient stability without negatively affecting glide or speed. The wing’s optimised profile design enables a perfect combination of control and performances.

The wing also features our RAM Air Intake (RAM). The RAM provides optimised internal pressure for better airflow, which means the glider is more compact at any angle of attack and at all trim settings. It also reduces the risk of a collapse and improves the turbulence buffering ability of the wing.

The use of Nitinol (TNT) offers three major advantages: it helps to reduce the overall weight of the wing, hence inertia is reduced and handling improved; it has shape memory and super-elasticity (the flexible rods always return to their functional optimal shape, therefore no bends, kinks or residual mechanical alterations affect their integrity); and finally, using Nitinol makes the leading edge more robust, so the wing’s surface is perfectly taut, crease-free and without parasitic fabric movements.

Other beneficial features of the Dobermann 2 is the coloured riser design, which on one hand permits easy identification during takeoff and on the other hand the red trim setting indicators assist with symmetrical adjustments. Finally, the changed pulley position, which now can be set in different positions for greater flying comfort.

* Confirmed by Ramón Morillas with a Dobermann 2, size 15 The fabric, lines, risers and wing size can all be changed to customise and adapt the model to suit your needs and preferences. Contact us and we will personally explore all the possibilities.

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Aspect Ratio5.
ProjectedArea m212.3413.6114.4615.3116.1617.01
Aspect Ratio4.
ChordMaximum m1.912.
LinesTotal metersm257271280289297305
Total weight in flightMinimum kg606570758085
Glider weightkg3.
Certification8G max. 148kgEN 926-1EN 926-1EN 926-1EN 926-1EN 926-1EN 926-1

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