Limitless possibilities

The Kougar 3 arrives ready to revolutionise the world of paramotoring. Its fast but maneuverable character makes it the ideal glider for your navigation and cross-country flights. The Kougar 3 is agile, extremely stable, with excellent performance. Let yourself be inspired by the confidence this wing gives you and set off in search of new adventures.




 Faster than ever 

A new design with a faster profile and a more solid, cleaner leading edge means a top speed of 80 km/h (±3).

 Intuitive handling 

Uniquely accessible with instant inflation and easy take off without requiring a lot of acceleration.

 Safe and stable 

A solid and compact PPG wing that is extremely stable with high passive safety in all phases of flight.

Limitless possibilities▼

The Kougar 3 is part of the new generation of Niviuk paramotor wings offering a high level of technological innovations combined with very intuitive and accessible handling. The complexity of the design makes it easy to fly and allows long cross-country flights in a much more efficient and relaxed way.

An excellent advantage is the ease with which it reaches high speeds without affecting its stability. The Kougar 3 is a very solid and compact wing thanks to its moderate aspect ratio (5.7) which contributes to the pilot feeling safe and confident at all times.

The new Kougar features a new and evolved reflex profile that makes the wing really solid across both its load and speed ranges. A simple and immediate take off is guaranteed through instant inflation where the glider effortlessly rises over the pilot. Also thanks to its new profile, the Kougar 3 is very effective at low speed, so much less speed and throttle is needed when taking off. This also reduces the fuel consumption and increases the performance of the wing once airborne.

Once in flight, its maneuverability and stability are the first things that will surprise you and demonstrate the capabilities of this new generation of Niviuk paragliders, as it even allows you to fly in thermals efficiently. As well as its outstanding performance, the Kougar 3 distinguishes itself with its incredible top speed and the ease of reaching up to 80 km/h (±3), while remaining solid and compact.

The trimmers and the speed-bar can be used together to reach the maximum speed, ensuring a maximum differential of 24 cm between the A and C risers. With this limit on the maximum angle of attack, the pilot never has to worry about exceeding the limit of acceleration and can focus on enjoying the rest of the flight.

Simultaneously, the combination of these new risers and the design of the profile allow greater speed retention when flying slowly and this permits a smoother and safer landing.

The Kougar 3 also has some new features on the controls, such as a new one-way magnet system to fix the brake handle, the possibility of adjusting the height of the brake magnet or the integration of specific controls for competition.

At Niviuk our philosophy is to incorporate of all our experience and know-how into every wing design and the Kougar 3 shows this. For example, by applying the same tensioning process that is used in our new competition wing, the Icepeak Evox.

This leads to a much cleaner profile and leading edge, no creases, no vibrations and perfect material tensioning so that the wing can perform beyond what has been possible before.

The perfect wing to make the perfect machine. Accessibility, stability and top performance. The next generation on PPG wings is already here.

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Kougar 3161820232528
Aspect ratioFlat5,755,755,755,755,755,75
Main lines2+1/4/3/22+1/4/3/22+1/4/3/22+1/4/3/22+1/4/3/22+1/4/3/2
open trimmers60
Glider weightkg44,34,655,45,8

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