Ear Lock System

The ELS is a big ear locking system which provides a simple and effective solution for the tandem/dual pilot when quick descents are required.

Usually when the pilot has pulled big ears on a solo glider, they can only steer using weight-shift. Although it is also possible to do this with the help of a passenger on a tandem paraglider, in most cases this is insufficient. This is why Niviuk developed the ELS.

To use the Ear Lock System, simply pull the ear lock tab downward until the knot passes through the ELS (lock system). Then move them slightly horizontally forward, locking the knots in the V grooves. To release, pull the big ear tabs down to release the knots from the grooves. Then guide it vertically as it goes upward and back through the ELS. It is better to release the two ears asymmetrically.

Advantages of the ELS system:

- It enables the pilot to pull and release the ears as desired.
- It gives full steering control to the pilot with the ears applied.
- Lets the pilot use the ears as long as necessary with no physical effort at all.
- Allows the pilot to use the trimmers without concern or restriction.
- Prevents the ears from opening unintentionally, as they are blocked.
- The manoeuvre can still be performed the classic way, without using the ELS.
- Can be easily removed without affecting the rest of the equipment.