Interlock System

The IKS (Interlock System) is a connection system that allows the risers to be connected to different parts of the wing, such as the lines or the harness. The IKS technology is a step towards greater lightness in wings and equipment, without sacrificing effectiveness and providing the same degree of safety and strength. Niviuk has developed three variants, the IKS 1000, the Easy IKS 2500, and the IKS 3000 (discontinued), each designed to connect different parts of the wing:

✓ The IKS 1000 is designed and dimensioned as a connection system between the risers and the lines.  It has a breaking load of 1055 kg, which greatly exceeds that of the classic 3 mm (550 kg) maillon, but with a much less weight.  This feature makes it a key element in the entire range of lightweight P-Series wings, which are delivered with this technology as standard. 

✓ The Easy IKS 2500 is a lightweight connection system designed to connect risers with the harness, and it can also connect the parachute to the harness using the Y-Bridle. It can carry up to 2,621 kg and is made of Dyneema, making it very strong and durable. It is the perfect and ultralight alternative to the 7 mm maillon (breaking load of 3,125 kg) or the automatic aluminum carabiner (maximum load of 2,000 kg). The design and conceptualization make it ideal for mountaineering, hike & fly and ultralight equipment.
It has been specifically designed to replace the previous IKS 3000 (could carry up to 2,960 kg), which is now discontinued, simplifying its use and closure system.