Titanium Technology

Nitinol is a combination of 50% nickel and 50% titanium. The incorporation of Nitinol rods in the profile increases the performance of the wing, especially in three areas: 

- Compared to nylon rods, the weight of the wing is reduced by 13%.

- Nitinol has two essential characteristics: shape memory and enormous elasticity. As a result, the rods retain their optimum shape even after an ultra-compact or incorrect folding, so that the wing is not deformed. This will always be the case unless the radius at the point of curvature is less than 1 cm.

- The leading edge shape is much more rigid and uniform which results in a much more consistent and progressive inflation and therefore an easier take off. The profile is taut at all times, without creases, and fully optimised for all flight phases. 

In addition, the rods have a plastic protector at their ends to prevent any damage to the fabric of the wing. 

Nitinol is now featured in all our wings.