Artik 6

Artik 6

Revolutionising the EN C class 
The incredibly high performance results from the incorporation of the Niviuk technologies: designed to provide an unparalleled flight experience.
We prioritise your safety, you achieve your goals 
Greater damping and stability keep the wing solid in turbulence and in the different phases of a flight, thus increasing the enjoyment of flying.
Experience top level flying 
An agile and intuitive wing guarantees fun in every flight. Glide performance similar to a high performance wing
Artik 6
Artik 6


Artik 6
Prepare to do some serious kilometres on a high-performance wing with excellent glide. Outstanding damping guarantees stability and comfort.

You will notice the high efficiency in thermals. Its high speed will take you to the top in the sport category.

A communicative wing that will allow you to continue learning safely but with added maneuverability and performance (energy).
Artik 6
Non-stop performance
- An improved profile and a tauter, more efficient leading edge give this wing greater speed and better climb rate in thermals compared to its predecessor.
Artik 6
Intuitive handling
- The wing is docile in nature, simple to fly and its reactions easy to predict.
Artik 6
Unprecedented stability
- Its 3 liner condition has been chosen with the aim of having a more compact wing and with more cohesion in all the wingspan. This way, the wing is even more stable when big ears are applied.
- A moderate aspect ratio benefits the wing in terms of solidity and uniformity, making it more compact.
Artik 6
New C2B system
- Integrating the new C2B system into the risers allows to pilot the wing as a 2-liner. The C2B permits direct action from pilot on the airfoil without deformations. It also makes flying more comfortable and efficient when using the speed-bar.

Niviuk's applied technology

Artik 6

The perfect finish

High-quality workmanship for a cleaner finish and thus avoiding creases to reduce aerodynamic drag to the minimum.

Artik 6

Leading edge

The Nitinol rods in this area are notable for their small diameter and the unmatched ease of use. This facilitates easier folding of the wing without having to worry about bending the rods.

Artik 6

New profile and internal structure based on the know-how gained from the X-One

A new airfoil better able to generate lift. Our investigations in computational simulation of fluid dynamics have allowed us to obtain the best compromise.

Artik 6

Optimised line plan

An optimised three-liner which minimises parasitic drag, compared to other hybrid models.

Artik 6

C2B system

New risers featuring an optimised C2B system for greater efficiency when flying with speed-bar applied.

Artik 6

New attachment points distribution

The reorganisation of the attachment points results in a better force distribution and, therefore, an increase in the strength of the wing.