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Kase P - Parachute Front Container
Kase P - Parachute Front Container

Kase P - Parachute Front Container

With the new Kase P, it is possible to incorporate an emergency parachute into any flying equipment. 

The ideal accessory for adding the Octagon 2 parachute to the Roamer 2 P ultralight harness, it can also be used with other harnesses and parachutes. 


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Data sheet

Size S M L
Weight 230 g 238 g 259 g
Compatibility Octagon 2 80
Octagon 2 100
Octagon 2 120
Octagon 2 140
Cires 110

Product details

✓ Parachute front container, ideal for the Octagon 2 and the smallest size of Cires*.
✓ Various buckles for attaching to the harness.
✓ Adjustable straps.
✓ Easily accessible deployment handle.
✓ Adjustable rear Velcro for attaching the Kase P to the harness.
✓ Dual function: it can be used as a cockpit to hold flying instruments, thanks to the Velcro on top.
✓ Red and green straps (left & right).
✓ Lightweight, high-quality product from the P Series range.

*Please note: See the Data Sheet to check which size is compatible with which Octagon 2 and/or Cires parachutes.

Payment and shipping

Through our e-commerce, we only accept orders with delivery addresses within the European Union (EU).
If we have the product in stock, it will be shipped as soon as possible. If we are out of stock, your order may take 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the product. We will keep you informed at all times.
You can check delivery times when placing your order and also at MyNiviuk.

We accept all cards except American Express.

Genuine Product

Product with official Niviuk warranty.

By placing an order through our official website, you are ordering directly with Niviuk, so we guarantee that you will always get a 100% official product with all the guarantees.

If you prefer, you can also order this product from your nearest dealer, anywhere in the world, with exactly the same guarantees.
"Your safety is what matters the most".
Kase P - Parachute Front Container
Kase P - Parachute Front Container
Kase P - Parachute Front Container
Kase P - Parachute Front Container
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