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Enjoy your paramotor tandem flights in a safer and more comfortable way, with the possibility of carrying up to 600 kg. The R-Bus 2 is much more stable in flight, so that both pilot and passenger can enjoy an unforgettable experience. With an extended speed range, it allows launches and landings at lower speeds.

Up to 600 kg, maintaining performance even with light loads

New profile to stabilise the glider and reduce roll movements

Optimised manoeuvrability for reduced brake pressure during turns and landings


Professional flights with a trike
A paramotor tandem designed to satisfy the most demanding pilots. Its durability and stability make it the best choice for professional flight enjoyment. 
Recreational PPG tandem flights
Enjoy tandem paramotoring in comfort. This glider has been designed with the aim of adapting to the needs of the pilot and their passenger, and to experience the most pleasant recreational flights. 

R-Bus 2

In detail

R-Bus 2
R-Bus 2
R-Bus 2
R-Bus 2
R-Bus 2
Excellent stability
The stability of the wing has been improved, maintaining a smooth turn and minimising in-flight movements, especially roll. Everything to ensure that pilot and passenger enjoy an unforgettable experience. 
R-Bus 2
Higher maximum load
The R-Bus 2 can carry a maximum wing loading of up to 600 kg (+100 kg compared to the previous model) in all sizes.
R-Bus 2
Safer launch and landing
The R-Bus 2 has an extended speed range compared to its predecessor, thanks to an increased maximum speed (+3 km/h) and a decreased minimum speed (-5 km/h). This also reduces the distance needed for take off and landing, making the flight more comfortable and safer.
R-Bus 2
Complete control, even on the ground
Accessible, solid and agile, it inflates uniformly and takes up the weight quickly and progressively. It takes off easily, even in unfavourable conditions. Guaranteed efficiency from the first to the last moment.

Niviuk Technologies

Optimised internal structure and load distribution

Reinforced line set

Improvements in manufacture and materials

New arc

Nitinol and leading edge optimisation

Perfected trimmers


Tip steering

Brake pulley with three positions

Optimised internal structure and load distribution
A reinforced internal structure, together with the new line plan and a new arrangement of the attachment points, allows a comfortable and balanced distribution of the loads in flight.

Two colours. 
Trendy colours.

Configure and order your wing. You can select standard colours or, at additional cost, you can also personalise it and/or add the logos of your choice. As you like it!