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The name Niviuk is derived from the inuit term “Niviuk Naktuk” which means “the desire of being close to something small which inspires tenderness”. At Niviuk we express that meaning through the care and attention we give to small details to create big things.

Paying attention to small details has led us to where we are today, one of the world's leading paragliding manufacturers producing a wide range of new and innovative products with success based on perseverance and rigour. But as our slogan "Beyond the Glide" indicates, at Niviuk we are not satisfied and we always want to go further.

Our business philosophy drives us to innovate, research and develop high quality products. And our constant discovery of new technical innovations will ensure that our pilots continue to have the highest level of performance and accessibility, as well as the highest commitment of safety and comfort.



In 2005 six experienced pilots, Dominique Cizeau and Pierre Bayon from France, Claudio Mena, Lluís Pol and Raúl Rodríguez from Spain and Olivier Nef from Switzerland all got together to share their passion of flight. This passion and enthusiasm supported by a solid business strategy saw the creation of Niviuk.

Together this founding team had over 50 years of experience within the professional paragliding industry and with their thorough and in-depth knowledge and a clear vision to create a new breed of wings which would transform the experience of flight to a new found level; the future of Niviuk was set.

That’s how Niviuk was born, fruit of many years of effort, experience and sacrifice, many flying hours and many illusions to build something new, that improve all that was done before and hoping that the love and attention to the small details was able of big things.




Niviuk is a multi-national company with its headquarters and logistics division in Spain. The commitment to innovation is clear - in two closely collaborating R&D departments in Spain and Switzerland, nine people are dedicated exclusively to developing the technology used in Niviuk products in order to improve and adapt them for each pilot in the most optimal way.

Since 2016, it has had its own in 6,500 m2 production facility in Vietnam, where it manufactures its products and applies techniques with minimal environmental impact that guarantee sustainability. With more than 300 employees, it is positioned at the top of its sector, has a commercial presence in more than 80 countries and a large network of professional pilots all over the world.

For years, Niviuk has focused on automating the manufacturing processes as much as possible in order to be able to offer high-end products and have a better quality control, as well as to increase the production capacity. The main objective is to be able to meet the growing demand and increase the production of paragliders, while at the same time augmenting the new line of harnesses, which be one of the future focuses for the company.




At Niviuk we are dedicated to providing the very best customer service to pilots and professionals. We have a defined and established customer support structure which is staffed by a professional team who deal with all customer issues promptly and at a personal level.

Our priority is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, answering all product concerns and replying to all suggestions as quickly and as comprehensively as possible.




From the outset, Niviuk has been known for investing its resources in innovation and in the development of its own technologies that it applies to all its products, whilst always prioritising quality above all other aspects. 

Today, thanks to the trust that many pilots and professionals around the world have placed in Niviuk, we keep on designing and producing paragliders, harnesses and accessories to make the dream of flying high, far and safety a reality.

A reality that each pilot can feel in his skin flying with our gliders. That's why Niviuk innovates and advances every day, thanks to the combination of continuous research and advanced technologies of digital aerodynamic simulation.
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