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All fun and games - your creativity knows no limits with the new N-Gravity 6. The sixth generation is designed for acro lovers who want to take their aerobatics to the next level. An agile, dynamic wing with perfect handling for endless manoeuvres.

A wing of great versatility, precision and control

Practise and perfect the most spectacular manoeuvres in the air

Infinite speed and turns, but without compromising on efficiency and safety


Competition and acro
Experienced acro pilots can perform endless radical manoeuvers with the N-Gravity 6. Perfect all your moves with a glider specially designed to bring out your best in competitions and acro displays. Let the show begin!

N-Gravity 6

In detail

N-Gravity 6
N-Gravity 6
N-Gravity 6
N-Gravity 6
N-Gravity 6
Energetic and efficient
A wing of great versatility, precision and control. Excellent balance and energy. Infinite speed and turns, but without compromising on efficiency and safety.
N-Gravity 6
High-performance wing
Fast, agile and very solid, yet efficient and durable. With the N-Gravity 6 you can practise for hours and hours in the air, to perfect all your acro moves. It also has an outstanding sink rate for flying in thermals.
N-Gravity 6
Always in control
Be fully in control with exact responses to brake inputs for definitive piloting. Quick and concise manoeuvring, thanks to extremely precise handling. The glider reacts instantly to all weight shifts and pilot inputs.
N-Gravity 6
At the highest level
It is a very dynamic and at the same time accessible paraglider, designed especially for pilots who are at the highest levels of acro. It performs very well during inflation and take off - it is fast and precise. In addition, the new internal pressure distribution allows for very efficient control and performance.

Niviuk Technologies

Leading edge rigidity

Even tension

Nitinol in the profile

New design

Manufacture and durability

Leading edge rigidity
Thanks to SLE technology the wing features a solid, stable and rigid leading edge. This consistency allows for a uniform and progressive inflation and easier launches. Performance, efficiency and acrobatics go hand in hand to make the glider stand the test of time.

Two colours. 
Trendy colours.

Configure and order your wing. You can select standard colours or, at additional cost, you can also personalise it and/or add the logos of your choice. As you like it!