Skin 3 P

Skin 3 P

Plume series in its purest form  
Light, simple to fly and much more fun. Take your hike & fly challenges to a more extreme level with the guaranteed comfort and safety of an EN B certified wing.

Designed for adventure 
The best choice for mountain and mountaineering enthusiasts looking for ultra-compact and versatile equipment.
Intense pleasure  
Maximum accessibility with better performance in lively air. The only limits are those you impose on yourself; the Skin 3 P offers more speed and stability to fly in thermals and make transitions as if it were a conventional wing.
Skin 3 P
Skin 3 P


Skin 3 P
A pilot in the progression and learning phase will feel confident, thanks to the wing’s high stability and simple and intuitive handling. Safety and fun guaranteed.

The perfect adventure companion for mountaineers looking for new challenges. It takes off anywhere, with unprecedented accessibility and high passive safety

Its improvement in glide, thermal performance and when facing adverse wind conditions permits safe distance flights like no other single-surface glider
Skin 3 P
Versatility and safety
- Excellent performance in thermals thanks to the combination of its new design with the latest Niviuk technologies.
- Better glide and improved behavior in headwind and turbulent air.
- Higher passive safety in the various phases of flight.

Skin 3 P
The ultimate in lightness
- The redesign of its internal structure resulted in 44% fewer lines.
- Using semi-light (Skin 3) and ultralight (Skin 3 P) materials ensures the wing is both light and compact.
Skin 3 P
Intuitive and effective piloting
- High stability means easy and accessible wing control
- Progressive and fun flying.
- Easy to quickly recover in the case of any type of collapse.
Skin 3 P
Easy launch and landing
- The launch is easier thanks to the new self-inflating leading edge. The wing climbs above the pilot without any difficulty.
- Longer brake travel for a smoother flare and a more precise landing.

Niviuk's applied technology

Skin 3 P

Optimisation of the leading edge

A newly designed self-inflating leading edge combined with a 3DL (3D Leading Edge) facilitates an easier and more straight-forward take off and a faster response and recovery in the case of a collapse. Together with the SLE technology, the wing is more stable across its profile and this also increases its ability to easily reach higher speeds.

Skin 3 P

New and evolved internal structure

The new combination of ribs and diagonals ensures an optimum distribution of the pilot's weight and also the attachment point loads. The use of Nitinol (TNT) rods reinforces the structure by reducing the weight of the wing and provides the profile with shape memory.

Skin 3 P

Fewer lines for more performance

A better distribution of the loads allowed us to reduce the lineset by 44%. This contributes to lower overall weight, simplifies the pre-flight preparation and means less drag - for improved performance during all phases of flight.

Skin 3 P

IKS system

Fixed connection between the risers and the lines thanks to IKS technology - a Dyneema loop equipped with is own fastening and blocking system.

Skin 3 P

New riser design

New ultra-light risers (6 mm Lyros Dybeema & 3 mm Dyneema rope) feature a new trim method.

Skin 3 P

Take-off fixing

Possibility to secure the wing to the ground through lines' attached rods. Particularly useful during pronounced take-offs or in snowy or slippery grounds.





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