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We present the third generation of the Klimber. We keep improving our P Series two-liner: super compact, ultra-light and high performance. We put all our knowledge, technologies and experience at the service of pilots who want to achieve the best results in hike & fly and cross-country paragliding. With a competitive character, it has been designed for the X-Alps. 

From 2.85 kg.

A racing wing within reach of all pilots

Ultralight and high performing

Easy to use - especially for difficult launches and landings


XC and hike & fly
The Klimber 3 P is the perfect partner for mountain lovers. Ideal for experienced pilots looking to reach higher peaks and cover long distances with an ultralight glider. 
Hike & fly competitions
A high performance machine, perfect for complicated launches and landings. The wing stays solid and efficient, even in turbulent air. It is our P Series racing model par excellence.
Go big distances with a paraglider that has evolved in terms of glide and thermal performance. The use of Nitinol allows a more compact and practical packing for those multi-day adventures.

Klimber 3 P

In detail

Klimber 3 P
Klimber 3 P
Klimber 3 P
Klimber 3 P
Klimber 3 P
Ultralight and high performance
Based on the design of the Peak 6, the third generation of the Klimber is higher performing and faster. A new distribution of the Nitinol reinforcements makes it more stable. It is the perfect tool for all pilots who want to push their limits. Its super light and compact characteristics remain the same, while its internal structure has evolved to improve its performance.
Klimber 3 P
Greater brake travel range
The brake travel range has been increased by 25% compared to the previous version, increasing the passive safety of the glider. This makes the wing much easier to fly at low speeds and easier to launch and land in difficult conditions. Maximum control and efficiency in all phases of flight, especially take-off and landing.
Klimber 3 P
More stable
The Klimber 3 P design improvements have considerably reduced the pitch and roll movement. Thanks to Niviuk technologies and a new airfoil, the Klimber 3 P is much more stable above the pilot and more efficient in flight. 
Klimber 3 P
Maximum efficiency
With a higher glide ratio and increased top speed, the Klimber 3 P is a perfectly efficient machine. Its high performance in thermals and glide is complemented by its exceptional maneuverability.

Niviuk Technologies

New cut and stitching

New improved materials

New Nitinol rod distribution

New aerodynamic profile

New internal structure

Improved stability

New Ergo P Series handles

Better speed system

New cut and stitching
The application of mini-ribs on the trailing edge reduces drag and improves the aerodynamic shape of the wing. The DRS technology has been optimised: The mini ribs are integrated directly into the cut of the outer panels with the result that the outer seams disappear.

Three colours. 
Trendy colours.

Configure and order your wing. You can select standard colours or, at additional cost, you can also personalise it and/or add the logos of your choice. As you like it!