IKS Sistema https://niviuk.com/ https://niviuk.com//legal/3
IKS Sistema https://niviuk.com/ https://niviuk.com//legal/3

IKS System

The IKS technology (Interlock System) is an advance towards a greater lightness in wings and equipment, without losing effectiveness and providing the same degree of safety and strength.

Niviuk has developed two types - the IKS1000 and the IKS3000, each one designed as a connection system for different parts of the wing.


Data sheet

Riser/Line connector
  Weight Breaking load
IKS1000 1,9 g 1055 kg
Maillón 3 mm 6 g 550 kg

Riser/harness or parachute connector
  Weight Breaking load
IKS3000 9 g 2960 kg
7 mm maillon 64 g 3125 kg
Aluminium carabiner 62 g 2000 kg

Product detail

✓ The IKS1000 is designed and dimensioned as a connection system between the risers and the lines. It has a breaking load of 1055 kg, which greatly exceeds that of the classic 3 mm (550 kg) maillon, but with a much less weight. This feature makes it a key element in the entire range of P-Series (lightweight) wings, which are delivered with this technology as standard.

✓ The IKS3000 is designed to connect the risers and/or the parachute with the harness. Its breaking load of 2960 kg makes it an ultralight alternative to the 7 mm (3125 kg) maillon or an aluminium carabiner (2000 kg). The IKS3000 design and concept make it ideal for mountaineering, hike & fly and ultralight equipment.

Transportation and payment

If the product is in stock, it will be sent from our warehouse as quickly as possible.
Otherwise, depending on the product, it may take 4 to 6 weeks. We will keep you informed.
Check delivery times when placing your order and at MyNiviuk.

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Official product

Product with Niviuk official guarantee.

When placing an order in the official store, you are doing it directly with Niviuk, so we guarantee that you will always get a 100% official product with all the warranties.

If you prefer, you can also request it at your nearest distributor, anywhere in the world, with full guarantee.
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