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Competition revolution

Performance, comfort and safety. The new Drifter 2 is a hybrid competition harness, in which the pilot is fully enveloped and which offers better performance than a classic racing harness. 

We have modelled the seat structure in 3D, focusing on every detail, to offer maximum comfort and to be able to fly for hours without any pressure. To offer the best flying feeling, we have focused on achieving a good balance between stability and manoeuvrability. 

Thanks to the redesign and significant aerodynamic optimisation work in virtual wind tunnels, the Drifter 2 offers maximum flight performance.

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Technical specifications

WEIGHT kg 9,3* 9,5 9,8*
PILOT HEIGHT cm 160 - 173 170 - 183 180 - 195
CARABINER DISTANCE cm 50 - 57 50 - 57 50 - 57
MAX. LOAD kg 120 120 120
* To be confirmed.



Certification DRIFTER 2


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The best guarantee

In order to guarantee the authenticity of the product, Niviuk places the International Guarantee Card inside each wing.

It contains an 8-digit code that, when entered in the MyNiviuk section, can be used for product registration, to carry out procedures and request maintenance.

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Drifter 2
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