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Inflatable protector that weighs only 240 g

The Apair inflatable protector, designed specifically for the Arrow P and Arrow P Race harnesses, is ideal for pilots
looking for small volume, safety and lightness on their hike & fly adventures.

EN and LTF certified, this ultralight protector weighs only 240 g and distinguishes itself by its efficiency and practicality.

It is delivered with the Infbag cover, which facilitates inflation and also serves as a compression bag for packing and transporting the harness.

Lightness and compression
the key points

Apair weighs only 240 g, compared to 320 g for the foam protector. Its design allows for total compression, optimising storage space to the maximum. Once the protector is deflated, the harness takes up minimal space. In addition, the Infbag (included) allows the Arrow P to be stowed inside, making it easy to store and transport the harness.

Infbag: How do you inflate the Apair?

To inflate the Apair protector, the method recommended by our engineers is to use the Infbag inflatable cover. To do this, start by filling the Infbag with air, close it and connect it to the protector tube. Make sure that the air inlet/outlet valve is open. As the Infbag is compressed, the protector will fill. A single inflation with the Infbag is sufficient. Press the valve firmly until it is completely closed to keep the air inside.

In this video tutorial you can see the procedure step by step. If you prefer, you can also inflate it with an electric pump or blow it up manually, using the same air tube inlet.

Adjusting the quantity of air
in flight using the air inlet/outlet valve

The air inlet/outlet valve on the Apair tube is accessible in flight and therefore allows the pressure to be adjusted if necessary. Open or close the valve to retain or release the air. This functionality makes it possible to adapt the protector to pressure changes due to altitude, ensuring a safer and more comfortable flight. 

Inflation: apply medium pressure

When inflating Apair protector, it is crucial to use medium to moderate pressure. Too much air will make the protector stiff and raise the pilot to an uncomfortable flying position. On the other hand, under-inflating the protector can compromise its effectiveness and safety. 

Medium pressure ensures a similar flying experience with both the Apair and the foam protector, as both have the same shape.



Homologation ARRFO P


APAIR Test Report

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