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Your adventurous spirit is calling you from the sky. Fly towards it with the Koyot 5 P and become a pilot in the most efficient and lightest way. The Koyot 5 P will help you advance in the world of paragliding and will also accompany you on your first hike & fly adventures with total stability and comfort. Progress flight after flight!.

From 3,2 kg.

Featherweight: in essence light and safe

Total control: simple and intuitive piloting, a very comfortable and docile wing. Stable in all phases of flight

Total passive safety: Niviuk technologies offer the highest level of safety and comfort


Certified EN A, the Koyot 5 P is a docile, instinctive and safe wing. The pilot´s experience will be enhanced. The pilot will be able to progress gradually and take advantage of the wing´s measured responses to inputs.
Try new things in flying thanks to the glider´s excellent performance in thermals, combined with total stability and control. 
Hike & fly
The lightness of the Koyot 5 P will allow you to take your first steps in the world of hike & fly to combine your passion for flying with mountaineering. Ascend to the top in comfort, with a glider that is compact, easy to carry and pack. Enjoy different adventures right after completing your training.

Koyot 5 P

In detail

Koyot 5 P
Koyot 5 P
Koyot 5 P
Koyot 5 P
Koyot 5 P
Instinctive and progressive piloting
At an intermediate level, it is a steadfast and accessible glider to continue progressing steadily. Easy to control and very intuitive to fly, it allows you to gain experience and confidence quickly, while maintaining safety at all times. 
Koyot 5 P
Stable by nature
The Koyot 5 P has a tendency to stabilise itself after any manoeuvre and has a gradual response to brake inputs. The wing has the capacity to buffer turbulence for increased comfort of the pilot.
Koyot 5 P
Exceptional safety
The safety of the pilot in all phases of flight is our highest priority. Therefore, the latest Niviuk technologies have been applied to ensure high efficiency and passive safety. 
Koyot 5 P
Simple pre-flight preparation
Getting the glider ready for flying is very simple thanks to the simple and minimalist line set.

Niviuk Technologies

Nitinol reinforcements in the canopy

New profiles and canopy arc

New strategic distribution of the line set

Optimised internal structure

Leading edge

Nitinol reinforcements in the canopy
The Koyot 5 P is even more durable due to the Nitinol reinforcements in the leading edge. The canopy of the Koyot 5 P is capable of withstanding countless hours of inflating, packing and unpacking.

Two colours. 
Trendy colours.

Configure and order your wing. You can select standard colours or, at additional cost, you can also personalise it and/or add the logos of your choice. As you like it!