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The new Ikuma 3 is perfect for your long distance cross-country flights. Dare to go further with this EN B+ classified glider, which offers unparalleled comfort and manoeuvrability. The new aerofoil, optimised for performance and damping, will allow you to enjoy your flights like never before. Thanks to the C2B system, it feels like a two-liner. Get that perfect flying feeling with this accessible, high performance glider.

Unprecedented stability

Usable performance

Enhanced manoeuvrability


Complete your training phase with a glider that will allow you to polish your skills and gain confidence flight after flight.
Explore long distance flying with confidence, thanks to this high performance EN-B wing that will provide safety and control.

Ikuma 3

In detail

Ikuma 3
Ikuma 3
Ikuma 3
Ikuma 3
Ikuma 3
Real performance
We have redesigned this Ikuma model to offer improved performance and an even more exciting flying experience. Technically improved as a hybrid 3/2-liner, compared to the Ikuma 2, drag has been reduced by 8%.
Ikuma 3
Optimised manoeuvrability
We have improved the response at the top of the brakes to provide more direct and comfortable steering. The Ikuma 3 is manoeuvrable and responds predictably to the pilot's inputs, making it more enjoyable to fly.
Ikuma 3
Safety, our top priority
Thanks to the Niviuk technologies applied, the Ikuma 3 is a high performance glider, but we have kept its high passive safety.
Ikuma 3
More stable
The Ikuma 3 stands out for its improved pitch stability. Explore altitude with confidence and exceptional performance.

Niviuk Technologies

Optimised C2B system

Hybrid 3/2-liner

Improved DRS integration

Perfected aerodynamic profile

New Nitinol rod distribution

Stability at any angle of attack

Optimised C2B system
The new riser-integrated C2B system allows this 3-liner to be flown as if it were a 2-liner, which has increased comfort. A handle lowers the B and C-risers at the same time. These are connected through a pulley system to maintain the optimal shape of the profile. This allows the glider to be flown and steered without degrading its shape, even at high speeds.

Four colours. 
Trendy colours.

Configure and order your wing. You can select standard colours or, at additional cost, you can also personalise it and/or add the logos of your choice. As you like it!