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"Being in the mountains and flying, is the greatest freedom for me!"
Date of birth
Place of birth
Garmisch-Partenkichen, Germany
Cross Country and Hike & Fly
It all started with a tandem flight my mother gave me as a present for my 11th birthday. That sparked my enthusiasm for flying. From that day on I saved every cent to be able to get my licence when I was 16. 

Since 2015 paragliding takes up a very large part of my life because it is so wonderfully diverse. Whether it's Hike & Fly, cross-country flying, acrobatic flying or competition flying, I really enjoy doing every discipline!
My current focus is on Hike & Fly and XC flying. And for the time being, my greatest success being the Hike & Fly race Dolomiti Super Fly 2022. The task in this competition was crossing the Dolomites in Italy in six days only on foot and with a paraglider checking various turnpoints on the way. I was the first woman in the history of the Dolomiti Super Fly to finish the race. I still can't explain how it really feels to reach this milestone. Also, I am part of the German paragliding League, and I am very proud and grateful for that.
The next big goal is the Red Bull X-Alps 2023. I still cannot believe that I am part of it, I am super excited, and I am really looking forward to this huge adventure! I don't know how it will end, but the simple fact of being one of the selected athletes… I’m thrilled! I will compete with the ultralight Niviuk gear specially designed for the occasion: Klimber 3 P, Arrow P Race & Expe Race.

My favourite flights are this kind of flights when you play around and go for top landings or flying until sunset together with friends! These are the moments that always remain in the memory.
I am super happy to be part of the Niviuk Team, it’s awesome to share knowledge and experiences. With Niviuk I have a partner for all my adventures around paragliding with high performance paragliding equipment.
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