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"Stay Beyond Any Definitions."
Cross Country
As a self trained Pilot, Danielo began flying in 2018 and while he hasn’t flown long he is no stranger to adventure. Brazilian born and raised in France he first traveled the world as a professional dancer and choreographer eventually making his way to Los Angeles. While traveling to over 53 countries Danielo always made time to explore and learn about the local culture.

His first foray into extreme sporting was skydiving where he received his A license. Soon after he discovered paramotoring and fell in love. Currently he is working towards his PPG3 and tandem certification in hopes to share his love of flying with others. When paramotoring he flies with the Link 2, 23m in Jazz or the Hook 5 p, 24m in Golden when paragliding with his Hike & Fly.

Whether he is flying over poppy fields, sand dunes, or near the ocean, Danielo enjoys the freedom and beauty of the outdoors. Danielo’s mantra in life is to STAYBAD, meaning to Stay Beyond Any Definitions, to live life without limits and to push oneself to greater heights. Living for a living, when Danielo is not flying or dancing you can find him creating videos and combining his love of flying with original content featuring his many adventures.
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