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"I love being exposed, being outdoors, being part of a great adventure."
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I've been doing sport for as long as I can remember: mainly mountain sports like rock, ice and alpine climbing.

For the past 20 years I've been going mountaineering all over the world; from the Alps where I grew up to the 8000 m peaks of Himalaya where my focus as a professional athlete is right now. I'm also a UIAA mountain guide and when I am not on expedition, I regularly work with clients climbing in the Alps and beyond.

Flying was somehow always present as well. My father was into hang gliders and later into paragliding. The moment I was allowed to get a license I started. That was in Germany at the age of seventeen.

I flew for some years but realized that combining my mountaineering ambitions with flying didn’t work out. So I stopped. Just recently when the new light and compact wings came out I picked that passion up again and can’t wait to combine more climbing in flying here in the Alps to hopefully one day in the Himalayas. 

A memory that will probably remain engraved in my mind: The participation to the Acro Game where I had the honor to battle in the final qualifications with Raúl Rodríguez. He is a legend!

We had a great time laughing and doing brohook during the transitions to present ourselves on the box.

It was my favorite competition of my entire career. I had no expectations and nothing to lose, just the pleasure of enjoying being in the moment and pushing myself to the max!

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