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"A great lover of flying and sport, who tries to learn something new every day".
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Since I was a child, I have been in contact with the world of free flight - my father was a hang-glider pilot. When I was just 18 years old, I started hang-gliding and, a year later, I took my first steps in competition. In 2019, I was runner-up in the Spanish sport class. It wasn't until June of the same year that I was on a trip to the Tyrol and saw many paragliders in the sky, but not a single hang-glider. So I took the decision and a few months later I finished my paragliding course. From 2020, practically all my flying hours were in paragliding. It was a very natural evolution. 

From that moment on I started to progress. I did a lot of flying hours every year and in less than 3 years I have been able to go through all the paragliding levels, so it is true that having the background in hang-gliding made it much easier for me. My first and most important goal is to enjoy myself. After that, I want to reach the highest level of paragliding and be able to compete for big titles.

In 2021, I won some national titles such as 1st sport class in the National League at El Yelmo, in the National XC League at Siles, in the Spanish Championship in Àger and in the Andalusian League. More recently, in 2022, I have been 3rd in serial class in the National League and Pre-World Cup in Pegalajar; and in the Spanish Championship El Yelmo I was 11th in the open and 1st serial class. This year my wing was a Peak 5 with which I am absolutely delighted; it is magnificent and has allowed me to be at the top of competitions. Now, with my long-awaited Icepeak X-One, I am ready for anything.

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