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New altitude world record

Four times paramotor world champion Spanish Niviuk pilot Ramón Morillas has broken the paramotor world altitude record in the solo paratrike class (PL1), reaching 7334 m above mean sea level. This surpassed the previous world record achieved by Polish pilot Alexander Hrsztrit (6377 m) in 2019 by more than 957 metres.

The flight took place in Cenes de la Vega, Granada (Spain) on Friday 10th of September. It lasted 60 minutes and Ramón reached an altitude of 7334 m above mean sea level with a Qubik (size 25).

Ramon’s first impressions were:

“The flight was wonderful but also quite intense, as going up so fast tests your physical fitness and endurance both in terms of the cold and the lack of oxygen. The higher you go, the more stressful it becomes. I would like to thank all my sponsors and the people who support me in all the adventures I undertake.”

For the last twenty years, Ramón has been breaking altitude records and highlights the big difference between then and now when it comes to flying equipment. Today challenges that were unthinkable a few years ago can be achieved. Ramon states that although the Qubik is a very safe intermediate wing, its performance is incredible.

Discover more details on the flight here.

Watch the documentary film here.

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