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Niviuk x Red Bull X-Alps 2023: Gear presentation

Red Bull X-Alps 2023 is about to come, and our gear developed for this year’s edition is ready for the race! 

Our Klimber 3 P paraglider, together with the Arrow P Race harness and the Expe Race backpack make up the flying equipment selected for this year competition.

Based on all our know-how in the development of the P Series range, it is an ultra-light flying equipment weighing less than 4.5 kg. 

Niviuk x Red Bull X-Alps 2023: Gear presentation

Ultra-light flying equipment

KLIMBER 3 P: Born to race
From 2.85 kg

Introducing the third generation of the Klimber. We continue to improve our 2-liners P Series glider: super compact, ultra-light and high performance. We put all our knowledge, technologies and experience at the service of pilots who want to achieve the best results in the Hike & Fly and XC disciplines. With a competitive character, it has been conceived for the X-Alps.

ARROW P RACE: Beyond your limits
From 1.3 kg

The Niviuk R&D team has developed the Arrow P Race, the extreme version of the Arrow P designed exclusively to compete in the X-Alps weighing only 1.3 kg. Arrow P Race will also be available to all those more daring pilots. 

From 1.5 kg, Arrow P is our ultra-light pod harness with a fairing designed for the best performance. Aerodynamic and optimised to reduce drag, without compromising on stability, ergonomics, comfort and durability of its standard model, Arrow.

The Arrow P joins the new generation of Niviuk harnesses, with the aim of responding to the needs of all those pilots who want to go further.

EXPE RACE: Equipped to win
From 0.320 kg

Light, compact and durable. With pockets and all necessary accessories for Hike & fly competitions. The Expe Race is a backpack specially developed for the X-Alps with a lighter version from 0.320 kg. 

Full details of all the equipment will come very soon.

Niviuk x Red Bull X-Alps 2023: Gear presentation

Niviuk athletes selected

These are the Niviuk athletes who will compete at the Red Bull X-Alps 2023 with our Klimber 3 P, Arrow P Race and Expe Race. 

Tanguy Renaud- Goud
Niviuk Factory & Test Pilot. France, 25 years old. Rookie. 
“I am a sports fan, any sports, I am a competitor at heart and I love spending time in the mountains with my friends.”

Celine Lorenz
Niviuk Racing Pilot. Germany, 24 years old. Rookie. 
"Being in the mountains and flying, is the greatest freedom for me!"

Logan Walters 
Niviuk Racing Pilot. USA, 32 years old. Rookie. 
“I am an aviator. I like to fly things.”

Yuji Emoto
Niviuk Sponsored Pilot. Japan, 46 years old. Rookie. 
“Red Bull X-Alps is the most beautiful and biggest competition, so I want to face up to this challenge.”

We know that you are training very hard to get the best possible result. We support you to the fullest. Good luck to all!

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