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"I love the outdoors, spending time with my family and my best friends. I may be totally addicted to the gliding sensation that paragliding has to offer. "

I was born in the French Southern Alps, in the Ubaye Valley where I grew up practising a lot of ski. I was selected to join a sport and studies program with a focus on ski until the end of high school. At the same time I was already paragliding with my dad. I did my first solo flight at 10, then I went into competition and nowadays I enjoy world cup level competitions.

I studied in Annecy for 4 years, a great time to get a huge flight volume. I am currently a test pilot and I am working as a designer with Olivier from the Niviuk R&D department in Switzerland. I have a true passion for paragliding, especially long distance flights, but I also like hike and fly as well as spending time in the mountains.
Tim Rochas
Tim Rochas
Tim Rochas
Tim Rochas
Tim Rochas


Tim Rochas

Best competition memory with friends

The 2021 Bornes to Fly edition. I registered without proper training. My friends’ good mood and sharing this experience with them turned to be an amazing week-end full of emotions.

Tim Rochas


After a week-long competition in Italy where we were presenting the new X-One, reaching the goal in good position with other X-One was a great moment of satisfaction. We were pleased and proud to confirm that we had designed a top-performance glider in position to win the most demanding competitions.

Tim Rochas


Top landing on Mont-Blanc on June 26th, 2019. Quite an unexpected day with very little preparation ahead, that ended up at 5400m above the Mont-Blanc range. We did a quick stop at the summit where we met all our friends. I also used this opportunity to wish a happy birthday to my sister.

Tim Rochas

Icepeak Evox

The Icepeak Evox photoshoot that was improvised one evening in company of Luc and Loïs somewhere between the Matterhorn and the Dent Blanche in Switzerland, at around 4000m at 8pm.

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